Milk Cakes for The Yemen Project – Eid Special

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Milk Cakes for Yemen Order Form - Eid

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Please note the deadline for orders is every 11pm Wednesday 12th May.
NOTE: The special variety mix tray includes all 4 flavours

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We are able to deliver to Birmingham and surrounding areas ONLY. Deliveries will be on Thursday 13th May.

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This Eid 2021 New Roots are supporting Greengate Trust (Charity No: 1171118) to raise money to build a Solar-Powered Water Well for the people of Yemen. Place your order today for some delicious milk cakes and reap the rewards of your charity! All profits will go to Greengate Trust.

For more info on The Yemen Project:

Do you want to donate your Zakat or Fitrana?

You can make a direct monetary donation through our fundraising page by clicking on the link below. Please ensure you clearly state whether it is a Zakat or Fitrana payment. May Allah reward you!

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When will I receive my order?

We will endeavour to deliver your order as early as possible in the morning/afternoon of Thursday 13th May. However, we kindly ask you to be patient with us especially if everyone does Eid on Thursday. As there will be a lot orders for our team to deliver and heavy traffic needs to be taken into consideration. Thanks

What if I'm not celebrating Eid on Thursday?

We’re only able to deliver orders on Thursday 13th May. We understand there may be the scenario where not everyone is celebrating Eid on Thursday. However, we want to assure you the milk cakes remain perfectly fresh and moist for at least 3 days when refrigerated. So you’ll enjoy it either way!