We're back!

This month Open Circle relaunched and we started off with a bang! Our relaunch event hosted nearly 100 youth and was filled with many exciting activities and workshops, including a fabulous journey of the soul workshop with Ustadh Sjaad Hussain and light-hearted fun with some very competitively hilarious sumo suit wrestling!

What a month its been.

Our team have worked extremely hard this month in delivering some very interesting and engaging sessions. We have had conversations on “selfies”, where youth explored and discussed how editing selfies can be detrimental to one’s self image and self-esteem, as well as looking at why we feel the need to create a false image for others and the potential pitfalls of doing so. Furthermore, with our local community unfortunately facing a huge rise in gun and knife crime, we gave our youth a chance to express their thoughts, feelings and fears around what seems to be something that is in the news every day and deeply affecting their lives. The focus of our Faith and Practice lessons has been on the sirah of the Prophet (peace be upon him) and how we can draw lessons from key events and apply them in our own lives. Our teachers have imparted some beautiful teachings about prophetic wisdom and patience, ihsan and empathy; through the stories of the black stone, the rabbi's test and the treaty of hudaybiyah.

Special Guests

Hope for Humanity visited us and gave our youth an insight into what they do and what their aims are. They taught the youth about the importance in making the world a better place, and showed them that there are others in this world that aren’t as lucky as we are. All the youth will be partaking in the Birmingham Fun Run on April 13th, all the money they raise will be going towards causes in Turkey and Malawi. A huge thank you to the team at Hope for Humanity, we look forward to the run next month! .

Youths of the Month

Our volunteers have recognised the following young people as our youths of the month.
Well done on the great work you have done and for being so awesome!

Awais Younis, 12

We have witnessed Awais grow more and more in confidence every session, and its remarkable to see how much he has grown over this month! Always well-mannered and showing exemplar behaviour.

Suhaan Bhatti, 12

Suhaan is always engaging and showing his attentive nature. He has also been making some very positive contributions in our conversations sessions. His constant smile brightens up the room. Always happy and taking an active part in sessions. .

Volunteers of the Month

Youth's Volunteer of the Month

Waqar Younis

- Waqar is super funny and friendly with all of us.

- Waqar is easy to talk to and approach.

- He genuinely cares about us and shows us mad love.

Volunteers' Volunteer of the Month

Emdad Hussain

- As I am a new member of Open Circle and the media team, Emdad has really helped me feel at home here, and helped me out when I was stuck with some of the tasks assigned to me. He also manages a lot of the different aspects that are involved in Open Circle, without him we would truly be in a pickle!

- He is an integral part of the team and is always working to ensure the success of Open Circle. We can see all the sleepless nights he has had working on the project and it is an absolute inspiration that an individual could be so selfless. May he be rewarded immensely.

- Whilst many of us "volunteer" and go home, Emdad continuously works throughout the week to ensure everything runs as smooth as possible.